About Us

Meet the Team

We’re a diverse group of designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs who have spent the last year honing the Panther MPC into what we believe to be the most efficient open source platform in the world today. Now, let’s get to know the tireless individuals behind this endeavor.

Why we started

Our core value is efficiency. In fact, Panther MPC was born out of the realization that most commercial computers sold today are way more powerful than necessary. Most users don’t even utilize 90% of the resources available to them. Existing operating systems are bloated and waste more RAM during start-up than you need to power some apps. But what choice does the consumer have? The few affordable computers lack the quality and support of the traditional powerhouses, leaving the end user with little option but to fork out for a machine more powerful than they need. Well, not anymore. We’re dedicated to bringing you a stable, reliable, efficient computer that helps you do more with less.

What problems do we solve

  • Linux can cause its fair share of headaches at times. We’ve made it easy to digest by designing a custom OS for the hardware and ongoing support for the software.
  • Panther OS is completely open source and only phones home to check for updates. You’ll never need to worry about proprietary software or backdoor viruses again.
  • What takes Windows 10 around 1,000MB RAM after startup, Panther OS does with just 200MB. With the Panther Alpha, you won’t waste any energy or memory.

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