All new, all better
The OS designed for Panther Alpha

With limitless customization options, a flawless interface, and integrated updates that won’t break the system, Panther OS provides the most outstanding Linux experience to date.

From the inner realms of its stunning aluminium casing, our custom-engineered version of Fedora Linux, Panther OS, makes for quite the astonishing Micro PC. It’s designed specifically to bring out the very best in your Panther Alpha, allow you to customize your experience in every conceivable way, and protect your privacy in an age when all other manufacturers are abusing your trust.

No more compromise

Panther OS, running on Panther Alpha is the most versatile, open computing platform on the planet, designed to meet your demands without ever sacrificing on your privacy.

The best of both worlds

At the heart of the Panther Alpha sits the Linux kernel. In development for over 25 years, today it runs over 94.2% of all supercomputers, 87.6% of mobile devices, 64.9% of public servers and on 100% of all Panther Alpha.

Dual-boot Panther OS with Android 6.0.1 and enjoy the best of both worlds.

What is Panther OS

Panther OS is a Linux based operating system designed for Panther Alpha. With Panther OS, you get software Panther OS is our Linux based operating system that's been tailored to run on Panther Alpha. With Panther OS, you get a familiar, reliable, secure desktop experience wherever you go.

Panther OS freedom


Our library of thousands of open source applications are completely FREE. You can download and install them easily and they’re yours to keep forever. No registration. No licensing - for home, business, school.

Panther OS security


Backdoor viruses, malware, and other exploits are no match for Panther. A 2014 ESET report indicated there to be as many as 400 times the reported threats on Windows as there are on Linux, making the latter the more secure by quite some distance.

Panther OS compatibility


Panther OS seamlessly integrates the apps you know and expect from Mac and Microsoft alike. Things like Office compatibility, Exchange support and Google Apps are no afterthought. They’re built-in, along with all your other favourite programs.

Panther OS applications
Panther OS customizability


No two Panthers are the same, and your machine is defined by you, just as it should be. You can easily change backgrounds, colors and fonts - even the entire desktop. The way your Alpha looks is entirely up to you. Whether it’s a Windows-inspired taskbar, or a familiar Mac layout, the Linux Desktop is extremely customizable right out of the gate, so you can make it your own from day one.

Panther OS efficiency


Panther OS uses up to 80% less memory than the average desktop computer. What usually takes around 1,000MB RAM after startup, Panther OS does with just 200MB. Even under full load, Panther rocks 17 times less energy compared to the Mac Mini.

Panther OS Releases

We’ll continue to perfect Panther OS with new point releases annually and full releases every two years. To subsidize the new Panther OS point releases, we’ll manufacture more powerful ARM-based hardware, always with three key points in mind: lower energy use, affordability, and stability.

Noteworthy Linux users around the world

Our ultimate goal is to make Panther Alpha the recognized computing platform to meet the needs of the everyday user, and increase our reach which will result in further developer support and community benefits. Your support is not only a vote to make open source software more secure, more private, and more efficient, but also for your own freedom to use your computer however you please..

Noteworthy Linux Users

Noteworthy Linux users around the world

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