Panther Alpha

Panther Alpha

Panther Alpha The Mini Supercomputer

An amazing companion, designed to be small enough to take around but powerful enough to work, game and even stream in 4K@60fps.

Panther Alpha Micro PC (Silver)

The Panther Alpha brings you proactive privacy tools, quick access to your most important files and favourite apps, complete control over how your Desktop looks, and ongoing support you WON’T find with any other device. Whether you’re coming from macOS or Windows, you’ll feel right at home with our carefully designed, familiar, user-friendly interface. Our Custom OS was designed with just one thing in mind - getting the most out of your hardware. It really is the total package, giving you the most secure PC imaginable.

Dual-Boots Android and Linux

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The sound of silence

A typical desktop computer operates at anywhere between 80W and 260W, while Panther provides an almost identical experience at just 2W to 4W. No fans, no moving parts, no noise. Panther Alpha is the silent assassin; executing the tasks you need to make your day a breeze.

Panther Alpha Micro PC Energy Savings

Huge energy savings

Panther Alpha far exceeds its competitors when it comes to slashing electricity bills, but imagine the impact an office or university could have by replacing their current setup with Panther. Tens, hundreds, or even thousands of users would just as easily work away on their Alphas as they could a noisy, overheating desktop, but also drastically cut spending that could be better used elsewhere. A university with 100 students could quite easily shave as much as $60,000 off their annual electricity bill. Isn’t that something?

Panther Alpha Micro PC Energy Savings Comparison

Better connectivity

Faster downloads, improved streaming

More stable WiFi signals and faster transmission speeds. HD videos and large data files are now transmitted easily and more efficiently, online video streaming and video gameplay are now smoother and more stable.

Low power Bluetooth 4.0

Faster, efficient, and more reliable connections to remote control handle, headphones, speakers, and other bluetooth devices.

Improved picture, better sound

HDMI2.0 is a faster, better way to send video and audio output to your TV or Monitor. With up to 18Gbps, it significantly improves picture and sound quality, making Panther Alpha perfect for watching 4K Ultra HD and HDR video content.

60fps 4K decoding

Panther Alpha can handle up to 60 frames per second - that's double what other micro PC's can do. It's an advantage you'll notice naturally when you watch rallies live.

4K at 30fps

4K at 60fps

Panther Alpha Tech Specs

Panther Alpha might not look like what you’d expect of a conventional desktop computer, but looks can be deceiving. Beneath the gorgeous aluminium casing lies a powerful 64-bit ARM Cortex A53/A72.

Panther Alpha Compared

Panther Alpha compared

Panther Alpha packs a serious punch. Compared to the much-revered Raspberry Pi 3, it boasts 4x the memory and runs up to 251% faster. Not to mention that it’s designed with end users in mind. It’s the complete package.

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