Windows vs MacOS vs Panther OS (Linux)


Unlike MacOS and Windows, Panther OS does not keep track of what you're doing on your computer and helps you protect yourself from government surveillance, censoring, advertisers and evil corporations.

Windows (10) vs MacOS (Sierra) vs Panther OS:
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Overview Windows MacOS Panther OS
Proprietary   Yes Yes No
Cost Windows 10 Pro
MacOS Sierra
free (only Mac)
Panther OS
free (open source)
OS designed for hardware No. Thousands of options, drivers, incompatibilities. Yes. Hundreds of options, drivers supplied by Apple. Yes. 100% Focus - Exclusively for Panther Alpha (Pro).
OS family Windows Unix-like Unix-like
Minimum system requirements (64-bit) Windows 10
MacOS Sierra [1]
Panther OS
Support Windows MacOS Panther OS
Built-in Support No No Yes
Driver availability various sources, usually seperate downloads, manual updates included with system updates included with system updates
Privacy Windows MacOS Panther OS
Logs your keystrokes, browser history and even location Yes [2] Yes Never

"By default Windows 10 Home is allowed to control your bandwidth usage, install any software it wants whenever it wants (without providing detailed information on what these updates do), display ads in the Start Menu (currently it has been limited to app advertisements), send your hardware details and any changes you make to Microsoft and even log your browser history and keystrokes which the Windows End User Licence Agreement (EULA) states you allow Microsoft to use for analysis."

Send information about what you search on your computer to the internet Yes [3] Yes [4] Never

"Unfortunately, no matter how many boxes you uncheck, Microsoft is still going to collect information from your computer, whether you know it or not."

Installs software or updates without your permission Yes [5] Yes No
Tracks what apps you're using Yes Yes Never
Saves draft documents in the cloud without you knowing N/A Yes [4] Never
Requires an account before you can install software trough the built-in app store. Yes Yes. In some cases you're even asked to provide payment details. No. You can download and install software without account.
Security Windows MacOS Panther OS
Reported vulnerabilities (2014) [6] 47 high severity
20 medium severity
1 low severity
64 high severity
67 medium severity
16 low severity
3 high severity
9 medium severity
3 low severity
(Fedora Linux)
Open for everyone to review (open source) No No Yes
Sandboxing supported by Kernel No Yes Yes
and Tor built-in  
No No Yes (OpenVPN is a one-click install)
Vulnerable to government requests (National Security Letter) Yes Yes No [7]
Supported cipher algorithms DES, AES, Blowfish, Triple DES, RC2, RC4 DES, AES, Blowfish, Triple DES, Serpent, Twofish, Camellia, Cast-128, SEED, TEA, XTEA, CAST-256, RC4, Anubis, Khazad, Salsa20, Fcrypt
Ease of use Windows MacOS Panther OS
Availability of popular (applications such as Chrome, Firefox, Skype) Yes Yes Yes
One-click update (updates the OS, including all 3rd party applications) No Partial (only trough App Store) Yes
Desktop customization Limited Very limited Full
Compatibility Windows MacOS Panther OS
Google (GApps) sync built-in built-in built-in
Microsoft Exchange built-in built-in built-in
CalDAV / CardDAV partial built-in built-in
Office Microsoft Office
Libre Office
Filesystem support FAT, NTFS, ISO, UDF, exFAT FAT, HFS, HFS+, ISO, UDF, UFS, exFAT FAT, HFS, HFS+, NTFS, ext2, ext3, ext4, RaiserFS, Raiser4, Btrfs, Tux3 ISO, UDF, UFS, exFAT
Proven Windows MacOS Linux
Top 500 Supercomputer 0% 0% 100%
Top 1 Mio Public Webserver 1.73% 0% 96.55%

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